Commuter & Rideshare

Commuter routes provide transportation for people traveling to work in the main employment centers across Vermont.  Contact your regional public transportation provider for specific information about commuter route schedules.

Go Vermont is a resource for commuters who want to reduce the cost and environmental impacts of driving.  The program features a free carpool/vanpool matching service, ridesharing tips, and other practical information on getting around by biking, walking, train, and ferry.  Go Vermont can be reached from the link on this website or at
Community RidesThe Community Rides Volunteer Driver Program is a network of volunteer drivers managed through individual regional public transportation providers to offer cost effective transportation to community members in need of a ride. Volunteer drivers provide access to medical and social services, as well as to a variety of other important daily and social needs. Many of those in need of transportation are seniors, individuals with disabilities, and Medicaid clients—those who may be your neighbor, friend or close family member. By becoming a Community Rides volunteer driver, you become a vital connection by providing those in need with transportation that supports their independence, health and quality of life.