Medicaid Transportation

For eligible Medicaid clients, the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) will pay the cost of transportation to necessary medical services when there is not transportation available in the household. Prescription pick-up may also be arranged. Medicaid regulations require that trips must be prior authorized by contacting your regional public transportation provider (see accompanying map). Transportation is limited to medical services available at the closest location. Trips to medical services beyond 30 miles from one’s residence, require prior referrals from one’s primary care physician and DVHA approval.

For trips that meet Medicaid eligibility requirements, your regional public transportation provider will make the trip arrangements. This ride may be by via bus, van, cab or volunteer driver. Each trip is arranged using the most suitable and cost effective mode. To review eligibility criteria and to place a request for transportation, contact your regional public transportation provider*** at least 48 hours in advance of the trip date.

***IMPORTANT:  The new number as of Jan 15, 2018 for Medicaid NEMT rides in Southern Windsor and Windham counties is 888-633-4001 (do not call The Current or MOOver)