Scheduled Public Transportation Services

Fixed routes, which operate on a set schedule (and offer complimentary para-transit service), deviated fixed routes, which make door-to-door pick-ups within a short distance of a scheduled route, and demand-response services which operate on a door-to-door basis, are available around the state in varying combinations. Contact the regional public transportation providers below for routes, schedules, and information in your region.

VPTA – Vermont Public Transportation Association

All transit providers are accessible via Vermont Relay Service TDD 711.

VT Transportation map

ACTR – Addison Country Transit Resources
A division of Tri-Valley Transit
Contact Page

AT – Advance Transit

The Current
A division of Southeast Vermont Transit
1-888-869-6287 or 802-460-7433

GMCN- Green Mountain Community Network
Contact Page

GMT – Green Mountain Transit
Capital District 802-223-7287
Chittenden County 802-864-2282
Franklin/Grand Isle 802-527-2181

MVRTD – Marble Valley Regional Transit District

The MOOver
A division of Southeast Vermont Transit

RCT – Rural Community Transportation
1-855-811-6360 or 802-748-8170
Contact Page

SSTA – Special Services Transportation Agency
Contact Page

STSI- Stagecoach Transportation Services Inc.
A division of Tri-Valley Transit
(802) 728-3773

Green Mountain Transit (GMT) Rural Community Transportation, Inc. (RCT) Green Mountain Transit (GMT) Green Mountain Transit (GMT) Addison County Transit Resources (ACTR) Stagecoach Transportation Services, Inc. Advance Transit, Inc. (AT) Marble Valley Regional Transit District (MVRTD) Green Mountain Community Network, Bennington County (GMCN) The MOOver) The Current